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Lots of Fishing and Fun for All!

Surf Fishing here is normally excellent during : April, May, Early June, Late August, September, October, November and December.

Channel Bass (Red Drum) - Spring Drum fishing is great April-May. The Fall run is even better in quantity and size. The average size of a Spring Drum is 30-35 lb.. From June-July the Drum hibernate. "Puppy" Drum appear from the end of August-November. They are caught day and night October-December. Various schools attack the beach "en masse" at the end of October. The most popular equipment used is the conventional reel with a 20lb. test line and a 10 ft. rod. A metal lure or cut bait is effective. The majority are caught with cut mullet. In the past few years, Mid November-December have been the best time for Big Drum. A 92 and 3/4lb. record was caught November 7, 1984.

Spanish Mackerel- First appear in the surf the first 2 weeks in June. They're most plentiful through September, then head South until the following June. These fish feed on live bait, and lure is the most successful bait used. They feed close to the beach , on a little baitfish called Balao.

Whiting, Croaker, Spot and Perch - Caught April-November. The most popular bait used with light tackle is shrimp, bloodworms and cut mullet. They are bottom feeders and do not ordinarily hit a lure.

Bluefish - The year's first run occurs in early April, becoming more abundant May 1 - June 15. Small "Summer Blues" are caught June 15- August 30. Larger Blues are plentiful September-November. The most popular equipment used is spinning tackle with a 9-11 ft. long rod and 12-20 lb. test line. For bottom fishing, fresh cut mullet is most often used. Cape Hatteras Point, Hatteras Inlet and various sloughs along the beach are the most frequented spots for landing Bluefish. For the past several years, Big Blues (10-22 pounds each) have moved into the surf around the first week of December and have stayed for about 6 weeks.

Flounder- Caught April-December with cut mullet, shrimp or lures. Ranging in size 1-5 lb., They are most plentiful July-November.
Gray Trout- Usually show up in the surf sometime in May. They are plentiful in the Pamlico Sound throughout the summer months and are caught in quantity from outboard boats and larger craft. Shrimp and artificial lures are the most effective baits. Gray Trout range in size from 3/4 lb. to 6 lb.. They are most plentiful in the surf October-November.

Speckled Trout - Found in the surf September-December. Most are caught with light lures, some with shrimp and cut mullet. They range in size from 1 to 6 lb.. Average is 1 an 1/2 lb..



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